We make super tasty and awesome organic craft nut butters in Estonia! Quite nuts for a country known for potatoes? We really are Nuts!

Our story began in 2015, when we lived far from home. Our previous perception and exposure to peanut butter was very negative – jars filled with “peanut butter” squeezed out every possible drop of peanut oil, which in turn was replaced with sugars and cheap oils or fats, and they were full of various suspicious substances. The taste was foreign and very very bad! But in New Zealand, we got to know the local producers and products, and our perception of peanut butter changed completely – we were puffed up, addicted!

In 2016, we moved back home and to our surprise, good peanut butter was still not available in Estonia, and 99% of the population had no idea what a good amps of pure peanut butter could taste. Thinking about all this, our goal became very clear – we will not make good peanut butter, but will produce the BEST PUTUTY BUTTER POSSIBLE!
After 18 months of research, learning, experimentation and praise from hundreds of potential future customers, our company was born in 2017. Today our products are on sale in ~ 220 stores all over Estonia!
Today, our product range includes three peanut butter, “Kašu” cashew butter, “Almondo” almond butter and “Hazy” hazelnut butter. At the end of the year 2021, we launched a completely new product line “Natty Choco.”

You can find the products on the counters of Biomarket, Coop, Rimi “Talu Toidab” and Selver. Dozens of smaller shops and e-commerce platforms also sell our products!

The whole production process takes place before our eyes and is handmade. We roast, grind, season and pack peanut butter in Tartu.

Natty was born in Elva!

Natty OÜ is the first and only company in Estonia to produce organic nut butters!