NATTY x Tartu Skateboard School “Summer Camp 2020”

We gave strength to the skateboard camp “Summer Camp 2020” organized by Tartu Skateboard School

Letter from the organizer:

Hi Martti and Natty’s team!

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank Natty, the whole Skate School family, for supporting our skateboard camp!

This year’s camp was very successful and rich. We are happy that we got the camp organized without any problems. As always, the young people were very excited and they will probably not be able to wait until next year. It seems that our skateboard camp is becoming an annual summer tradition. We are happy to be the leaders of such a special event, because with it we can bring young skateboarders from all over Estonia together. It is growing up with a new generation, and the skateboarding community is becoming a whole early on. Estonia is small, but it gives us the advantage of saving more together.

Honestly, we couldn’t expect such a big push for the camp from young people this year. There had been more participants than places, and in the end a little over 40 people came together. The participants of the camp were young people from both southern and northern Estonia aged 4-16. There were both beginners and advanced skateboarders among the young people. 6 instructors from Tartu Skateboard School, 7 instructors from Lithuania, 13 young people from Tallinn, 14 young people from Tartu, 2 young people from Põlva, 1 young person from Võru and 2 young people from Lithuania took part in the whole society. The company was pleasantly varied and, despite the different age differences, all the campers embraced each other on the first day of the camp. The organizers of the camp were Liidia Maier, Kristo Õismets, Julia Kaldalu, Jürgen Sarjas, Ott Lehiste and Jorma Väster.

We had a busy schedule and it was skated every morning and evening. During the day, however, young people could do everything else.

It has been very important to us that the form of skateboarding we want to convey is more than just a sport. Skateboarding culture has always been accompanied by various artistic forms, such as skateboard graphics, architecture, clothing design, photography, videography and much more. Also this year, in addition to skateboarding, we gave young people the opportunity to express their artistic skills by painting it on skateboards. In any case, the result was extremely pleasant!

In addition to designing skateboards, we held a Commune DIY Workshop from Lithuania. Commune DIY is committed to giving new life to the community and old skateboards, and by making an exemplary contribution to the Baltic skateboarding community. They told the young people in our camp about their company, their mission and vision, and then gave the young people a try to make some old skateboards themselves. The Commune DIY team also helped us guide the training and conduct a skateboard competition for the camp participants.

In conclusion, we can say. that in spite of all the vibes of the weather, we got skateboarded together and all the camp evenings were pleasantly furnished with sauna, swimming and barbecue. On the penultimate day of the camp, a small survey was held among the young people who took part in the camp, with a total of 27 young people taking part.

The top three of the children’s podium were entered by:
(from 4 to 12 years old)

I PLACE – Oskar Tiits (12.a, Tallinn) II PLACE – Joosep Kreinin (12.a, Tartu)

III PLACE – Kenert Kyutson (7.a, Tartu)
Girls Top 3:

(ages 4 – 17): I PLACE – Mirle Neora Adusoo (9.a, Tartu)
II PLACE – Isi Lindre (11.a, Põlva)
III PLACE – Lenne Savi (11.a, Tartu)
IV PLACE – Miriam Elisabeth Ööbik (12 years old, Põlva)

The winners of the junior top three + best trick were: (from 13-17 years old) I PLACE – Gintaras Kadziliauskas (14th year, Lithuania)
II PLACE – Tristan Ots (14th year, Tallinn)
III PLACE – Holger Themas (14th year, Tallinn)

Best Trick – Tristan Ots (14th, Tallinn)

However, we received the last night of the camp to celebrate the 6th birthday of Tartu Skateboard School. And what could be better at the end of the camp than to see the enthusiasm of young people and their shared love of skateboarding. Thank you very much for sponsoring our summer camp! We are more than grateful that you supported our work! 🙂
From the link below you can see pictures of the camp and what happened to us there:

Summer Camp_Tartu Rulakool_2020 (327)

And this year we got a videotape of the camp thanks to friends from VLND Burger.

Wishing you all the best and wonderful

Liidia Maier
Tartu Skateboard School family

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