Natty OÜ was born

Hello world!
Today our officially registered chapter started – we started the first company in Estonia that will produce organic peanut butter!

Our mission will be:
To make high-quality and mild butter butter available to the average consumer, which would become a daily part of the human diet. Raise public awareness of the benefits and health of nuts and increase environmentally conscious consumption.

Walnut cheek!

Previously, we went around quality and fillings and conducted various market research. The flavors were quickly embraced and it became clear that there was a market for Estonian organic peanut butter!

Then we took some time off and started diligently writing a business plan. We also successfully protected the business plan with the Unemployment Insurance Fund, which provided us with start-up support for starting a business.

We are coming to the market with enriched flavors and renewed design! This is where Natty’s journey begins!

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