Invisible Animals at Tartu Street Food Festival

Invisible Animals invite:

Do you already know what a pie with a bow tastes like? How does herbal raffaello melt in your mouth? 😍

Saturday, 15. Charitable sale of Invisible Animals baked goods at the Tartu Street Food Festival will take place at the Apparatus Factory in Tartu on June 12-20! We sell sweet and savory pastries made with warm hearts by volunteers and our friends and acquaintances! The selection includes brownie, variegated dog, carrot breads, a pie and much more! Everything is 100% VEGETABLE! 🍰🥧🥙

This is a great way to help the animals, as ALL the proceeds and donations will go to help the farm animals! There is also an Invisible Animals Information Desk, where you can get acquainted with our activities and purchase items with animal-friendly messages. 💪🦊

Thanks for the support, Bio4You eco-shop , Natty Nut Butter, Vöner ! 🙏

🥰 See you on Saturday! 🥰

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