32 Selverit Sells Nattyt!

Natty Nut Butter is on sale in Selver all over Estonia at a very good price! It is also possible to order Natty products from E-Selver !!

Selver sells all Natty peanut butter – 6.49 € jar and “Kasu” cashew butter – 11.29 € jar

List of points of sale:
All Natty peanut butter and Cashew cashew butter on sale

Arsenali Selver
Lake Selver
Kadaka Selver
Kakumäe Selver
Kolde Selver
Camp Selver
Marienthali Selver
Merimetsa Selver
Peetri Selver
Pelgulinna Selver
Pirita Selver
T1- Mall of Tallinn Selver
Tondi Selver
Torupilli Selver
Viimsi Selver

Anne Selver
Jaamamõisa Selver
Ringtee Selver
Friend Selver
Veeriku Selver
Vahi Selver


Suurejõe Selver
Ülejõe Selver

Keila Selver
Kohtla-Järve Selver
Kuressaare Saare Selver
Narva Astri Selver
Paide Selver
Rapla Selver
Saku Selver
Viljandi Centrumi Selver
Võru Southeast Center Selver

E-Selver: www.selver.ee

Walnut cheek!

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